Still Catalan in Celler Generi

by  |  15-02-2011

This cellar was one that we really had no intention of visiting as we’d never actually heard about it. It’s in a small town called Agullana which is more known for its water than its wine. It’s remote and not in an area with much wine production; in fact this is the only winery there. In talking to other wine makers though, it was often mentioned that there is this enolog named, Jaume Serra Pagès who seems to make the rounds to a number of wineries in the area. Basically, whatever wine he touches, is nearly guaranteed to be fantastic and it was Elia who discovered that Jaume was doing the enolog work at Generi and that we should go have a taste and see how it is. As to the wine, it did indeed end up being 100% true that the Jaume Touch made all the difference with the […]
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