Skipping on schist – Domaine Augustin

by  |  10-06-2019

As that almighty crow flies, it’s a mere 12km to the French-Spanish border from Colliure. In reality however, it’s actually 25km of twisty roads that take nearly an hour to cover if holiday camping vans don’t slow you down. On the other side of the border is Catalan Spain and DO Empordà which it would be hard to argue is not a continuation of the Banyuls/Colliure wine-growing region and one that bore witness to hundreds of thousands of people fleeing after the Spanish Civil War. Augustin Parcé knows these little winding roads perhaps a touch too well and has little problem racing amongst the slopes that appear to be in a state of constantly crashing down towards his native village of Colliure. He’s the 6th brother in a very large family of nine siblings from the village and while he may just have started his namesake Domaine Augustin in 2015, […]
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