Santorini, Assyrtiko, & Gaia

by  |  27-01-2016

If you don’t know the wines from the island of Santorini in Greece, just remember two things: the white grape, Assyrtiko and the flavor, delicious. That delicious part is pretty easy to remember but Assyrtiko doesn’t roll off the tongue so easily, especially when it sounds quite similar to Agiorgitiko which is a red grape from Nemea. That aside, Assyrtiko is the breadwinner for Santorini in terms of wine. The top breadwinner for the island however is tourism which has been shrinking the vineyards little by little over the years to make room for beach houses because screw delicious wine, more beach houses, now! After a trip to Athens last November, I’ve fallen truly in love with Greek wine and Assyrtiko makes brilliant white wines which, as they say, have the soul of a red. I attended two winemaker dinners and what we were served was simply splendid. The day […]
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