Revisiting Israeli Wines

by  |  02-11-2014

Back in March, I was invited by Kinetis for a tour of Israeli wines. I happily accepted and spent a week jamming around every corner of the country to see what they offered given that Israel is ironically an old New World wine region and thus, very curious. I liked what I saw well enough to request some bottle samples and share them with wine writers, sommeliers, and wine makers back home here in Catalonia. After jockeying around days and getting through the black hole of time that is August in Spain, we finally did the tasting recently and it was interesting to hear other perspectives as well as re-taste these wines with more time given that we tasted about 150 different wines in short week spent in Israel. I can’t remember the percentage of whites made in Israel, but they make a great deal of them even though from […]
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