Plešivica: Croatia’s unsung wine hero

by  |  10-03-2016

It may be the smallest wine region in Croatia, but in many ways it’s the most ground-breaking and compelling. Plešivica is a green, hilly region some 30km southwest from Zagreb. It’s often overlooked when compared to better known and more attractive regions like Istria and Dalmatia, primarily known as Croatia’s main tourist destinations. Even the locals tend to neglect it, maybe because it’s so small and close to the capital, making it not exotic enough. But Plešivica has definitely been the rising star on Croatian wine scene, boasting labels regularly now found on national lists of best wines. I wouldn’t even call it a dark horse anymore, but a safe bet. Yet, it still needs to present itself to the global wine audience. Like all of central Croatia, Plešivica has continental climate, but due to its favorable position, it gets up to 2,000 hours of sunshine a year. Speaking in […]
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