On Hvar Island

by  |  29-07-2011

The Croatian tourism mecca. The New Riviera. The New Saint Tropez. Whatever. The accolades for Hvar being geographically fortunate enough to be Hvar continually roll in from tourism promoters around the world. The New York Times put it in their bizarrely random list of “The 53 Places to go in 2008” for instance. The amount of superlatives can be pretty ridiculous. It wouldn’t be surprising if people starting giving Hvar awards such as, “Best New Destination in a Greater Post Conflict Area” or “Best Place to Call the New New Spain Without Overly Abundant Hyperbole”. It’s true though in that Hvar is indeed a beautiful place. Much like other Croatian island such as Brač and Vis, the wine vines love the island for the same reason the tourists do. There is a massive, southern-exposed coast to the island that gets continual amounts of sunlight making for a great growing season. […]
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