Never mind the grapes, here’s the yeast

by  |  18-07-2016

It seems I have a never-ending treasure trove of articles from the ICCWS 2016 held in Brighton this past May. There was one session that was particularly interesting (well, maybe really) and it was about yeast. Yes, yeast. That generally boring little organism that turns grape juice in to wine and for some reasons vegans seem to forget means that they shouldn’t be drinking wine as it’s made from an animal dying. Traditionally we’ve just thought of of yeast as that thing which eats the sugar in the grapes and producing carbon dioxide and that other delicious thing, alcohol. Naturally as we put the Stone Age further and further behind us, we’re starting to learn that yeast does much more than that and is responsible for a myriad of flavor attributes to the wine. To help illustrate this point, for this session they set out 15 different wines made with […]
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