ICCWS 2016, Wow!

by  |  31-05-2016

This past Saturday marked the end of the three day event called, the International Cool Climate Wine Symposium 2016. That lengthy title sums up the event very well as it was three intense days focused upon talking about the work being done in regions that are “cool climate” producing areas. It covered literally everything from varieties to vinification to marketing to enotourism and to put it succinctly, it was a damned impressive conference. I need to back up and mention that when one is based in Europe and is a wine journalist who writes in English, you naturally find yourself in the UK often. I don’t have much problem with this short of the cost of things reminding me how non-lucrative a career in any form of wine generally is. That said, I try to parse out my visits to be as concentrated as possible and so when I saw […]
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