As if there weren’t enough gimmicks in the world of potable liquids, word has come out recently of a British fellow named Ian Hutcheon making wines in Chile that are infused with meteorite. Read about the whole process here.

Naturally, it’s ironic given that wine growers are trying to imbue their wines with flavors from the soils in which the grapes grow not elements that fall from the sky. Someday maybe I’ll taste this and see if it makes a difference, but whatever the case, it’s definitely given Ian a great deal of press including a bit with video on BBC Mundo.


2 responses to “Meteorite wine comes down to earth in Chile”

  1. Goran says:

    This reminds me of a company from Velika Gorica near Zagreb, so far away from the olive groves in Dalmatia or Istria, that sell bottles of olive oil with golden flakes:
    WTF? Gold is an inert metal and it doesn’t help your body in any way.
    As an olive oil producer this makes me really sad and make me think we are living in Babylon, in a decadent civilization that rots and looses any common sense.

  2. Miquel Hudin says:

    Having a brother who produces pure, fantastic olive oil, all I can say is bleah, bleah, bleah…

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