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Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m not terribly keen on doing videostreams but well, here we are in a time when that’s pretty much all we have for chatting. So it just so happens that Moshe Cohen of the “In the Vineyard With Podcast” contacted me to see if I’d be interested in giving a chat on Priorat that will serve as both an introduction to this fine Spanish wine region and hopefully also a discussion about the past, present and future of its wines.


Date: April 30, 2020
Time: 7PM Barcelona Time (GMT+2: 10AM SFO Time, 1PM NYC Time, 6PM LON Time)

First I’ll be doing a quick flyover on the history, terroir, grapes, and other aspects of Priorat. But going into “lecture-tron” mode with these chats is completely no fun and I’d like this to be as engaging as possible, so bring your comments and ask your burning questions! (Va bien si prefieres escribir en español en el chat o també en català)

While “What is Priorat?” will be the topic of the chat, I’m going to focus more on a Past, Present, Future look at Priorat as represented by three excellent wines made in the DOQ, generously provided by the wineries:

These wineries can be found in most markets and while you can drink along with these or similar wines, this is most definitely not designed to be a “virtual tasting” given that I think that particular shark has most definitely been jumped, repeatedly. It is designed to simply be an opportunity to meet people interested in Priorat wines and exchange some views.

Currently, this is the only chat on Priorat I’m planning to do during this lockdown period so if you want to hear the author of the Vinologue Priorat, the main book on the region talk about it, please join us! And, it doesn’t matter if you’re completely new to Priorat or a long-term lover of the wines, everyone is welcome.

And again, if you have questions, please ask them!


2 responses to “Let’s have a Chat about Priorat: 30 April 7PM”

  1. Genial! Tengo tus dos libros sobre DOQ Priorat y DO Montsant y soy una auténtica enamorada de la región y sus vinos.
    Estaré encantada de escucharte y te agradecería nos hables de la nueva clasificación de los vinos de la región, los nuevos estilos de vinos, el futuro del enoturismo….
    Gracias y felicidads, seguro que será super interestante, ahí estaré:)
    Un saludo

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