Last chance to order Vinologue Montsant!

by  |  28-04-2014

As we head in this wonderful time in Priorat with the annual Fira del Vi it’s a good moment to remind everyone who’d like to get their hands on our latest and greatest book for DO Montsant that this is the last week to do so via our Kickstarter campaign. Kickstarter gives us a chance to get the book out earlier as the official release date in the US is September 1st, but it’s also something of an experiment to see if this system works for a small publisher to release books and build excitement. We’ll truly hope you’ll be part of this as if you look along the rewards column, there are some great options to receive tours (in addition to the books) from the author to the region if you were looking for an excuse to come to Spain this year–not that anyone needs an excuse to come […]
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