Judging the Decanter World Wine Awards

by  |  05-05-2017

Of these two quotes, it’s hard to decide whether the very delicious, “There will also be 100kg of cheese available to the judges.” or the very British, “Judge severely but do not be ungenerous.” stuck out more, but whatever the case, they summarize a great deal about how it is to judge the Decanter World Wine Awards. Last week, I was one of the 219 judges tackling 17,200 wines from all over the world that were sent to London to be reviewed by what are some of the most knowledgeable people in the wine industry. The sheer weight of everything in this previous sentence is need of a bit of unpacking, so let’s look at just what goes in to making these awards happen. Awarding history Started back in 2004 by Steven Spurrier (same fellow as the Judgment of Paris fame and who looks nothing like Alan Rickman) who said […]
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