Judging the Concours International de Lyon

by  |  05-04-2016

Last weekend, after a whirlwind, crash course, sink or swim, trial by fire trip (I’m sure a few more idioms could be tossed in there…) through Burgundy with a quick pass through Côte Rôtie and Condrieu, I spent a couple of days in Lyon that were beyond excellent and culminated in being a judge at the Concours International de Lyon – Concours des vins. This is essentially a yearly contest of wines that takes place in Lyon. I wanted to attend last year, but just didn’t make it given the schedule of things. This year, the schedule was much more favorable although it then made for a bit over two weeks on the road which gets old, but I digress. For those wondering about this Concours, it is quite obviously, very, very French as it should be. By that I mean that the wines appear to be largely French, despite […]
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