Judging the “Best Cava Sommelier” of 2019

by  |  14-11-2019

One can’t claim that the DO Cava hasn’t been active over the last few months. An important reason for the new boost is having a new president. Another is having changed up their communications department, but yet another part of it is having the specter of the Corpinnat breakaway lingering at the edges of everything they do. In turn, they’ve been working to create proper subzones of Cava where they never existed before, increasing requirements for Reserva wines, and striving to paint a new more quality-driven image of Cava. This last aspect has focused a great deal upon pushing premium Cavas as well as their extreme food friendliness which is why I had found myself at the Hotel Majestic in Barcelona as a member of the jury to choose the “Best Cava Sommelier for 2019”. The concept was as such: members of the jury would be “embedded” amongst other diners […]
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