Jean Leon – 3055 Merlot/Petit Verdot 2015

by  |  23-09-2016

One of the wineries high on my list to visit in Catalonia is that of Jean Leon. Being that it’s in DO Penedès, it’s a touch out of the way for just casually stopping in, but at some point, I really need to as to me, it’s something a grand curiosity. For one thing, Jean Leon is home to what are currently the only Vi de Finca wines in Penedès. This is interesting on several fronts. For starters, there just aren’t that many Vi de Finca wines in Catalonia and yet, they’ve classified four of the eight at their estate: La Scala, Gigi, Le Havre, & Palau. Beyond that, none of them are native Catalan varieties which often makes for bleah, but what I’ve tasted with these wines has generally surprised me. Nowadays, the winery is owned by mega-cellar, Torres but it was started by a fellow named Jean Leon, […]
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