In The Glass – Oprişor – Smerenie 2007

by  |  21-01-2016

If living Spain, wines from Romania don’t often cross your path. For those who don’t know, they do make a good deal of wine there. It just depends on where you call home as to how much you might see of it. I understand that both Romania as well as Bulgaria have exported a good deal to the UK over the years for instance. This wine I received as a gift for Christmas from a family member who told me upon gifting it, “I walked in to the wine shop and said, ‘Give me the weirdest thing you have!'” and thus I ended up with a bottle from Oprişor. It was essentially impossible to find much as their online presence mostly consists of talking about the “essence” of the wines in lieu of any more useful facts like regional data. I did find out that it’s an odd blend of […]
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