Here comes the Vi Novell

by  |  03-11-2014

From my latest column on Barcelona Metropolitan, I talk about the vi novell tradition in Catalonia, which is covered as well in my Montsant book. As you read this, the first olives are being pressed and bottled as oli nou–an atomic bomb of liquid gold that sells out fast. In meat-related news, the first pigs of the season are traditionally slaughtered as well in conjunction with Sant Marti on November 11th, hailing a season of porky deliciousness for the long winter months to come. But most importantly, the vi novell is released. For those who follow all things wine-related, you might know this better as the vins de primeur in France and if so, you’ve probably tasted the most famous of the lot in the wines released as Beaujolais nouveau which have a rabid band of followers. Despite 55 AOC regions making vins de primeur north of us, the French […]
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