These wines of solidarity

by  |  04-03-2016

Despite this being a rather mild winter, even for Mediterranean standards, it seems that once spring arrives, there is a change of heart for people and they are more open and giving. Perhaps it’s for this reason that “solidari” or charity events start to pop up. It could also be that it’s simply for the sake of getting some tax deductions, but let’s give people the benefit of the doubt. In recent years, the local wineries have taken to creating “wines for a good cause” with the premise being quite simple: buy the wine and the proceeds go to a specific charity. For some of the wineries it’s the same one every year and for others, it changes. Whatever the case, I’ve had the chance to taste many of these wines and find them to not only be great in their motivation but also wines worth your euros. Masroig Vi […]
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