Global Local: Josipa Andrijanić

by  |  22-05-2012

Favorite Wines: Pinot Noir & Reisling Josipa has managed to see a great deal of the wine world during her time managing tanks, harvests, and macerations. Despite originally being from Mostar, in Bosnia & Herzegovina (where there is a vibrant wine industry) and earning her degree in the Croatian institute, her first harvest was actually in Napa Valley, California in 2001. She also worked the 2002 harvest in Sonoma at two vineyards. Then of course there was Australia, New Zealand (twice), Austria, the 2007 harvest at Enjingi, and then California (again) for the 2009 harvest. And that’s not all, as there have been other small harvests tossed in there as well. It’s something of a dizzying, mad dash around the world, especially as while winemaking seems like some bucolic gentleman’s pastime, the truth is that when the harvest rolls around, you’re busting your ass like you’ve never busted it before. […]
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