For a blind 100 points

by  |  11-07-2015

For those who may not be up-to-date on such things in the wine world, last week, the most recent batches of scores for The Wine Advocate came out for Spain. While many people refer to these as “Parker Points”, the reviewer of Spanish wines for the publication is Luis Gutiérrez (the wine one, not the politician one.) Naturally, these releases are typically followed by a great deal of grumbling in the wine world if your wines didn’t get high scores. Most winemakers don’t actually care about the scores other than the fact that they do indeed still carry weight with some retailers in North America and if your wine doesn’t get at least a 90, no distributor wants to carry it. This, is obviously a problem. This time around, the big news was that Álvaro Palacios’ l’Ermita was the highest scoring wine in Catalonia with the top score of 100 […]
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