English Marriage #1

by  |  12-12-2012

[wine] is matured in the bottle for at least two years before leaving our winery. [wine] is especially recommended as accompaniment to tuna, and marries well with all meats, particularly slow-cooked meat dishes in sauce, such as lamb in tomato sauce. This is the description for an excellent wine, from a winery in Priorat that we quite liked and that has wonderful, friendly owners. Despite all this and the fact that we actually have bought this wine several times since visiting the winery, this description commits the two most common sins for Spanish/Catalan speakers when writing up English descriptions of their wines without consulting native English speakers. The choice of “matured” while grammatically correct sounds weird, as “aged” is more commonly used in English. This choice of “matured” is due to the use of “maduración” or “maduració” in Spanish and Catalan to express the aging — not that the wine […]
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