DO Penedès, for white wines

by  |  14-05-2015

I recently attended a presentation of the new wines from DO Penedès as I’ve yet to figure out if this wine region in Catalonia (which is by far its largest) is also its best known or merely its more drunk. For me personally, I don’t often venture in to these wines as I prefer reds and whites are what Penedès tends to do best. That said, they can be found everywhere and so this tasting held at Mas Marroch seemed like ample opportunity to reacquaint myself. There were some 30 producers for this event which took place over just a couple of hours. Even in other regions where maybe 3-5 different wines are produced per cellar, it would be nearly impossible to taste everything in such a time frame. Penedès cellars, in addition to producing lots of wines, seem to enjoy having lots of labels in their collections and 10 […]
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