A bluntly-curated selection of absolutely random recent bits from around the wine and drink world.

The American CDC only works Monday through Friday, but the CdC only works every Saturday and only when there’s enough news in the drinky world worth talking about.

The CdC is having a rare Friday broadcast however as it’s the last day to go and bid in the outstanding Wines for Ukraine Auction with all funds going to humanitarian aid in Ukraine. So get out there and get everything from a bottle of l’Ermita to low-intervention Priorat!

Due to activity in the Game of Names, perhaps you’d prefer to show your distaste of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in a carbonated manner, you could have picked up some Puck Futin beer except for the fact that it already sold out before it was brewed! Don’t worry, there will always be more beer, even if it can’t reach you

Much as how “Chicken Kiev” is now properly called “Chicken Kyiv” and the “world order” is “done fucked up”, the Latvian Vodka, Stolichnaya has decided to change its name to Stoli for reasons that need not be stated unless you’re unable to communicate to anyone and let them know that you’d really like a beer.

And lest we be remiss in not mentioning that the British have detained a Russian oligarch yacht with an infinite wine cellar. This is obviously a must-have when one has to contend with the infinite lack of shame in being a Russian oligarch.

From the Files of Curiosity comes a series about the Haro Train Station District in Rioja. Have a read of Part I and Part II for all of you who just thought that this was where they held an annual wine tasting in Rioja or have a plonky wine fight.

And of course, it needs to be stated that in California, they have yet another AVA for sommeliers to memorize which is the SLO Coast. Congratulations are in order for the winemakers realizing this accomplishment and undoubtedly forming the foundation of new dad jokes for generations to come.

In the Department of Heroes, Pitt-pagne was served at the 94th Oscars although few will remember given that the only thing on people’s minds after the ceremony was the dress that J-Lo was wearing.

A wise gentleman buys a $30 bottle of wine and shit gets quite serious.

And course may we not forget the paralyzed man who regained the ability to communicate through a painstaking, time-consuming process to then ask for a beer and to listen to Tool very loud, and have a curry.

Heroes all.

From the Desk of Sweet Jesus we see that much as the when the Catholic church pardoned 17th-century astronomer, Galileo in 1992, we learn that the Bordeaux St. Emilion classification of 2012 is to be… yes, wait for it… upheld now! Following upon this exciting news, apparently the French INAO is to launch an investigative committee to consider joining Friendster possibly starting in 2030.

In these troubled times of irony, the Chinese authorities have grown quite concerned about genuine Penfolds wines appearing on the market.

For better of for worse, that’s it for this week. Go bid!


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