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Say ‘Yip’ to the Scrip?

Well now, it must be getting near to the gift giving time of year as we’re starting to see more wine subscription offers popping up like the proverbial mushrooms in that they grow on shit and many aren’t really that good. But nothing says, “I remembered to feign caring about you” by giving someone rando boxes of wine each month like this one or this one or literally any one of the 4,235 now on offer! Get original and give the gift that keeps on giving with the Jelly of the month club instead.

Adele on wine

Does it really come as any surprise that a track on Adele’s new album is called, I Drink Wine? Has there ever been a greater moment in the universe wherein harmonious forces came together in such a holistic manner to produce goodness? No, there hasn’t and don’t you dare cite Radiohead’s OK Computer. #adeleforever

‘Bama be slammin’!

Righteous news for wine lovers in the US’s Deepest of the Deep South in that Alabama can now receive direct wine shipments! Well sorta and it’s just a few companies so far, but the great news is now Alabama isn’t one of the “felony states” anymore, at least not for wine shipping.

La, La, La, Laaaaaa?

In news for the righteous wine geek who goes into the Advanced CMS exam thinking, “Don’t ask me about La Mouline…”, you’re in luck as now, instead of three famous La-La’s to memorize (La Turque, La Mouline, and La Landonne), Rhône smackdown artist in Côte Rôtie, Guigal has just announced the fourth La, La Reynard! Yes… you may now go, tear up your flashcards, and have a good cry.

There is no god

For some reason that shall forever remain secret lest it tear apart space and time, Arby’s (purveyor of “foods”) have decided to release not one but two French fry-flavored Vodkas. Admittedly, most will be in better shape picking up the Vodka that Hangar 1 is producing from damaged wine grapes although on the plus side, there is no possible manner that the Arby’s Vodka or “Arbka” could potentially be worse than their “foods”.

Rock on Arizona

Proving that they’re more than just recounting presidential elections, Arizona now has one of the newest American Viticultural Areas approved for Verde Valley. For the eagle-eyed amongst you, this wine region might ring a bell as it’s where Maynard Keenan decided to start a winery and revitalize the town of Jerome.

Here comes the wine train kids!

While parents may be having to explain how Santa’s supply-side economics predictions came up short around an empty tree come Christmas morning, at least they won’t have to be doing it sober. To deal with the truck driver shortage in the UK, they’re apparently going to be using trains to move booze this holiday season. Asked as to how they came up with the idea, a spokesperson stated, “Well, as everything in the UK is reverting back to the 19th century, it only seemed fitting. Now, does anyone in the press corp have a spare bog roll, like now?”

Recapping capsules

If someone re-tweets something from two weeks previous, will media outlets suddenly wake up and report it as news? The resounding answer is “Yes!” as “news” “broke” that Berry Brothers & Rudd will be going capsule free on one of the their wines. Many asked how this mattered when they should actually be asking, “Why the fuck are we still doing capsules?!”

A Damm Shame

In what will be heartbreaking news to fans everywhere of insipid Iberian lagers, news broke that the Damm factory outside of Barcelona (in Catalan) has been taken over by ransomware and they’ve been unable to get their their beer out the doors and stocks will run out shortly. Apparently they stated that it was better it had happened now as opposed to the summer because, due to the increase of bad taste during the holiday months, they would have run out in a mere three days.

For better of for worse, that’s it for this week!


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