Building a wine & the art of the blend

by  |  21-02-2017

There are those that say winemaking is an art, but in truth, making the wine is a relatively simplistic process as it just comes down to letting grape juice ferment. Sure, there are many more detailed facets to it than that, but they pale in comparison to where the actual art of winemaking lies: the blending. Ever wonder why wines that achieve massive scores are often single barrel wines? It’s because the minute you start mixing, Awesome Barrel #1 with Awesome Barrel #2, not to mention Awesome Barrels #3-105 that the wine will start to fight with itself. One barrel’s aromatic elements may trounce another’s or then when two certain barrels are mixed, what were great tannins in each become unbearable cat scratch tannins together. To balance all of this out is indeed the art and you really need to know what you’re doing to make the wine taste good […]
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