Big Cava flexes its muscles, to pay 30% less for grapes

by  |  19-08-2019

After the departure of the Corpinnat wineries at the start of this year, one would have thought DO Cava didn’t need any more bad press, but yet, it was announced last week that the large Cava houses will be paying 30% less for grapes compared to what they paid in 2018. In effect, this knocks the average back down to around 0.30-0.35€ per kilo which are prices not seen since 1998. Needless to say, this has not gone over well and if 0.30€ per kilo seems a pittance to be paid for grapes, that’s because it is and it’s ultimately the customer that pays the price given that to farm at these prices, corners must be cut. And while there’s definitely a market for cheap bubbly (see rise of Prosecco) the kind of viticulture this promotes runs contrary to overall trends that are leaning organic and sustainable both for the […]
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