Back to the original wine cup


Mega wine giant Torres is going back to their beginnings with a new campaign, “A la conquista del clásico” which focuses on two things. The first is their Sangre de Toro 5€ blended wine which is essentially what put them on the map some 60 years ago and allowed them to build the “wine-pire” that they have now. The second part is that with select bottles of this 60th anniversary release, they’re including a glass cup for drinking which is to say, “Enough with the schmancy wine glass bullshit, drink it from a cup”. This is how people used to ask for wine by saying, “Gimme a cup of wine” as opposed to the “I’d like a glass of wine” that we all know today. There’s also an amusing video to go along with it which portrays new meeting old and old not being impressed by new.

This is also a keen moment to mention some choice quotes from a Hosemaster of Wine article that delve directly in to the schmaniness that some people thing a wine drinking vessel must have.

I carry around my wine glasses in a beat to shit old cardboard box which couldn’t possibly rate higher than 72 on the Suckling/Ferragamo scale… Someone tell me with a straight face that Suckling rating the glasses he designed for Lalique, and the Ferragamo briefcase they fit in, 100 points isn’t giving us the fucking finger. Which, by the way, we richly deserve.

If you have wine glasses in a brief case, you’re an asshole. Period.

That last bit I should probably put on a t-shirt as some of the best wines I’ve ever had have been in some of the crappiest cellar sample glasses I’ve ever seen and it comes back to the old adage that I’ve just now made up in that, “You should drink your wine from whatever glass you can readily hold.”