Anna Espelt on “Anna Espelt”

by  |  09-12-2019

The Espelt winery sits just outside the village of Vilajuïga, Empordà (Catalunya) and it honestly hasn’t changed a great deal on the outside over the last seven or even 10 years. A large, purpose-built concrete block that sits alongside the road to the next village of Pau, it overlooks vineyards on all sides and has served them well over the years. Locals in the area will stop in to pick up wines or attend the many events or art exhibits that they host. Tourists who can appreciate a more shall we say, “nuanced” wine, also find their way there in the summer to pick up a few bottles to see them through their summer holidays in Costa Brava. As the seasons passing outside the cellar have left it much the same, the inside has been a very different story. While the Espelt family grew grapes since the early 20th century […]
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