First of all, let me express my profound gratitude to everyone who bid in the Wines for Ukraine auction that took place earlier this month and raised 5,600€ for charity organizations working in Ukraine to support them as Russia continues its brutal, horrific attack on the country. At the same time, it was a show of solidarity from the wine world that often seems utterly disconnected from politics (even though everything is political). And the wine world of Ukraine has been suffering both as winedrinkers as well as winemakers.

Secondly, I want to give no end of thanks to the excellent wineries in Priorat, Penedès and elsewhere who donated an amazing stash of fine wines that ended up being spread across 30 different lots; some with multiple wines and some wineries donating more than one lot. The auction could have definitely been bigger as some wineries contacted me during the bidding asking to join in but it wasn’t possible to add them at that point and coordinate international shipping. I’ve now sent the wines to half a dozen other countries in addition to hand delivering them to people who bid and won in Spain.

I was admittedly a bit concerned that people might bid strongly but then not follow through on their donations given that some of the wines went for several hundred Euros. I’m pleased to say that this didn’t happen in any case (people really wanted these wines!) and everyone donated to one of the three charities listed.

Why three?

Ukrainian Red Cross (who do good work supporting hospitals around Ukraine and are completely separate from the International Red Cross who have come under heavy criticism for their humanitarian negotiations with Russia), required a bank transfer and wasn’t the most fluid entity to donate to. The other two, World Central Kitchen, and Come Back Alive were easier to send money to and perhaps were what some people preferred for the type of work they’re doing.

The final breakdown was: 50% for World Central Kitchen, 35% for Ukrainian Red Cross, and 15% for Come Back Alive and some people split their winning bid donations amongst charities.

All these organizations are doing critical work in Ukraine and earlier this week I saw that World Central Kitchen staff came under fire in Kharkiv while working to feed people so they’ve gone from solely working at the borders with refugees a the very beginning of the war to fully engaging in-country in partnership with local chefs, even though many regions are seeing live fire.

Sadly, we’re not even through the worst of this and these organizations continue to need support, so if you can spare a few dollars please consider donating again.

Additionally, we can’t stop talking about this war as many of us go about our regular lives without Russian troops robbing, torturing, raping, and killing our families, friends, and fellow citizens. Even if those of us in NATO countries can’t get our leaders to engage in combat with the Russian army, at least we can do everything we can to give support to the Ukrainians as individuals.

Again, many thanks to Cargowine for giving a discount and coordinating the international shipments as well as Carol van Waart for the graphic design of the campaign.

The following are all the wineries who donated wines:

Alba i Albert
Álvaro Palacios
Born Rosé
Can Descregut
Cellers de Scala Dei
Clos Erasmus
Clos Mesorah
Clos Mogador
De Color Vi
El Jardí dels Sentits
Enric Soler
Fra Falcó
Huguet de Can Feixes
Júlia Bernet
Mas Candí
Mas Doix
Mas Martinet
Nin Ortiz
Parés Baltà
Sabaté i Coca
Sangenís i Vaqué
Vall Llach
Venus la Universal
Vin Utópics


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