Alcoholic superhero red wine also fights acne

by  |  29-10-2014

For those still in the, “I really need a reason to drink wine” here comes yet another, acne. Apparently, in addition to simply being damned delicious, red wine, when drank while using acne treatment, helps improve treatment a great deal. The fact that it helps boost the treatment ability of the drug, benzoyl peroxide are starting doctors on the line of thinking that they could reduce dosages of the drug in favor of dosages you open with a corkscrew. It all boils down to the magical “resveratrol” found in good amounts in red wine (sorry Pinot Grigio fans) that bring this about, along with countless others. The best news of course is for teenagers with skin problems who can finally get in on boozin’ wine using the same loophole as medicinal marijuana. May good times and fine skin be granted to all.
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