A San Francisco tasting of San Juan, Argentina

by  |  16-12-2014

While blasting through San Francisco in September and enjoying bruschetta at Biondivino, I stopped in at a one day tasting of wines from San Juan, Argentina. In general, most Argentine wines I find are from Mendoza and so expanding the Argentine horizons is always on the table for me. It was a relatively small tasting of maybe 15-20 producers in one room of the Parc 55 hotel. I seemed to have arrived at an hour of desolation as there were maybe 10 other people with me there and a whole lot of bored winemakers as well as interpreters. After an hour or so, this changed, but it gave me that rare and often impossible moment at trade wine tastings to talk with people a bit more while not having my elbows jostled as people trying to slip under me for a pour–seriously, it happens, a lot. Unfortunately this moment was […]
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