A more balanced amendment to OIV judging guidelines?

by  |  09-05-2019

Given the amount of wine competitions and people touting themselves as “professional wine judges” these days, it may seem to the general public that setting up such an endeavor takes little more than coming up with an entry price for wineries, tossing out a net to get some of these “expert judges”, and then everything else falls into place. And yes, this is exactly how it works… if you want to create a shitty little competition that no one takes seriously. But if actually wanting to do things seriously, the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV) created a list of core non-binding standards back in 1994 that you can start to work with in order to create a proper and ideally, internationally-recognized wine competition. It’s a 19-page document you can read here which was apparently last updated in July, 2009. All manner of items are covered within it and […]
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