A missed point on sweet Sherry

by  |  11-10-2016

I was quite stoked when I saw this headline as I thought the author of the article was going to bring up the point that, as one of the driving markets for sweet and blended Sherries, the UK in a post-Brexit time won’t buy as much of it. This could have had the same benefit (after a good deal of pain) to rework the entire Sherry market like it did for Georgia and their age-old production of Semi Sweet and Semi Dry wines going up in smokes when Russia placed an embargo on them in 2006. Losing their market for those wines made them return a great deal to the dry wines that they produce naturally instead of these sweetie ones for the Russian palate. But no, once I read this BBC article, I saw that it was yet another dippy allusion to sweet Sherry and biting insight did not […]
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