A look back at the 2012 vintage in Catalunya & Roussillon

by  |  01-09-2019

The other day someone wrote to inquire about the 2012 Clos Mogador and what my impressions were of it. While I enjoyed drinking it when initially released, I realized that instead of just talking about this one wine, it was worth talking about the whole vintage and how it’s evolved for Catalunya as well as Roussillon since climatically and viticulturally, they’re very linked. In short, this was a hot vintage and you could immediately taste it in the wines overall. Some were exceedingly alcoholic and many were lacking in acidity. I think the general terms I’ve used to describe the wines is “soupy” as they just had and continue to have this sensation of washing all over your palate without it really being able to pin down the finer details. Filling, full, and immediately approachable but lacking in that undercurrent that is generically associated with “fine wine”. I write this […]
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