2017: A site’s year in review

by  |  26-12-2017

Naturally, this is that time of year when everyone puts their websites on autopilot, steps back, and opens up a slew of bottles for the next week or so due to the holidays. It also offers an opportune moment to get all retrospective-y and look at your body of work for the last year, pulling out a few articles that you find to be of particular interest. This is indeed something of a space filler, but at the very least, it gives something to do between having finished the Amontillado and waiting for that damned Chassagne-Montrachet to cool down that yeah, it was awesome you guys brought but seriously, couldn’t you have showed up earlier? White Burgundy at “glove box” temperature just isn’t right. Let me emphasize that these are web-only articles on this site. I write a great deal more for dead tree outfits. Are the two mediums different? […]
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