Wine Predictions for 2019

by  |  01-01-2019

In these illustrious times of silly-haired men holding sway over the misdirection of the world, predictions of any kind are slightly less useful than horse sweat. But, as little value as general predictions may have, in the highly subjective world of wine, they’re more likely to be worth even less, akin to a fly that gets stuck inside your car while driving. So, why even attempt wine predictions? I try not to think too hard as to the why but I suppose it’s just one of those exercises I like to do in order to lift my head up and have a gaze at what is hopefully a more glimmering horizon. You can have a look at my 2018 predictions as well as my scoring of the 2018 predictions. Why do I score them? Because spouting nonsense out of your stupid mouth is one exercise with little potential repercussion these […]
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