“Wine lies” are still lies

by  |  03-01-2017

My plans for New Years were probably similar to those not terribly game for the evening which was to say, chilling with my dog and a bottle of Champagne from the “decent” range. But, at the last minute, I had to fill in for a multi-day tour which was mainly in Barcelona with trips down to Penedès and Cava producers. I’d say the dog was not amused but he got to go up to the farmhouse, chase the scents of wild boar, and be next to a fire that’s more than a touch warmer than what I can muster in my village. Jumping in to a visit you hadn’t planned is a lot like jumping in to a churning squall: you figure out which way is up and do your best to watch out for debris. This, combined with it being in the middle of Spain’s lengthy holiday period made […]
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