Rocking the Wine Cradle

Awhile back I was sent a sample of this “Wine Cradle” from the Danish design group, Heveas. Of course I should add that somewhere en route to Spain, it vanished and so I was sent another sample. Probably due to this then arriving in the middle of fair season last year, I have taken an unduly long time in reviewing it to which I apologize to its creators to no end. I endeavor to get through any samples, wine or otherwise in a timely fashion.

This is a unique device though as unlike the Lazenne it serves as something of an “as needed” wine transport option. It will sit flat in your suitcase taking up very little space and if you’ve bought some wine, you inflate it to cushion the bottle. Admittedly at that point it does take up a good deal of space. The creators aren’t daft to this however and recommend wrapping the bottle in clothes in the old school traveling with wine method but only after having slipped the bottle in to the pouch without inflating it. The reason being that the pouch will seal watertight and any potential liquid leakage is averted.

Overall, it’s a decent alternative and gives a wine drinker some options if they don’t want to lug around an empty suitcase with foam inserts until finding enough bottles to fill it. The cost at about $12 USD I find maybe a touch high but ultimately doesn’t break the bank and you can indeed reuse the pouch.

Another anti-breakage weapon to stuff in to any enotourist’s travel arsenal!