Traveling with wine & peace of mind: The VinGardeValise

by  |  27-06-2016

If I’m traveling, I pretty much always find myself traveling with wine and doing what I assume most people did which was to wrap bottles in my dirty laundry on the way back. Beyond a touch insulting to the exterior of the wines, it was potentially perilous as while bottles are strong, if they touch each other, they can easily break. Somehow, whenever opening my suitcase at the end of a trip, nothing ever broke. This exhalation ritual gets old though and you know your days are probably numbered when some security check puts the bottles back in poorly. There are a number (well, a couple) of luggage solutions that have sprung up recently and the one I’ve been trying out these days is the VinGardeValise. In my mind, it’s truly the first wine luggage product to come along that really meets the needs of transporting wine on all counts. […]
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