Visiting Goede Hoop Winery

by  |  17-10-2011

The Bottelary Kloof area of the greater Stellenbosch wine region of Cape Town is indeed lovely to drive through. While not the staggering peaks seen in other parts of the region, the gently-rolling hills carry you along through vineyards and wineries until you come to a location such as Goede Hoop. While meaning “good hope” in English, when properly pronounced in Afrikaans, it sounds more like “hula hoop”, although this is an English speaker making that approximation so take it with a grain of salt. At 120 hectares, the vineyards of the winery are not small, although, in terms of Cape Town wineries, it isn’t really that old, having started in 1880 and purchased by the Bestbier family (who are still the current owners) in 1928. As it was the late, Southern Hemisphere Fall, and the winery is composed of a rolling conglomeration of lovely 19th century buildings, I walked […]
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