VdT Castilla y León wines, for when DO doesn’t do it

by  |  04-12-2018

Perhaps you’ve never heard of it but the Spanish Autonomous Community of Castilla y León is the country’s largest. And no, it’s not Castilla y La Mancha of Don Quixote fame as that’s another region to the south that also happens to be massive. The immediate lesson here is: Central Spain has a lot of space. Castilla y León, at 94,000 sq km, is bigger than nearly half of all the countries in the world including Portugal which it borders. It’s also one of Spain’s largest wine-producing regions and holds the Vino de la Tierra – Castilla y León that spans its entirety. What is a ‘Vino de la Tierra’ or ‘VdT’? It’s Spain’s version of the IGT (Indication of Geographic Typicity) which is to say a much more generic, kitchen sink-ish classification for wine that’s not as strict as the higher-level IGP which takes the form of a DO […]
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