Understanding DOQ Priorat’s village wines: Vi de Vila

by  |  15-06-2018

While it’s important to understand the Vino de Pago & Vi de Finca classifications of Spain & Catalunya as they’re region wide, one that’s actually much more interesting and evolving is that of “Vi de Vila” or the village wine certification you find in DOQ Priorat. Until 2017, this was the only one in Spain and even though DOC Rioja now has a similar creation with Vino de Municipio, the Priorat standards are still more strict overall and more established. These certifications find their official establishment to be from 2009 but in actuality, wines exist from 2007. Why? Because at the core of Vi de Vila is a much more intensive traceability pact that a cellar needs to sign with with the DOQ before they get started on making Vi de Vila. Yeah, it’s not something you can just decide on a whim once you start harvesting. The parcels from […]
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