Thoughts, musings, and general ideas on the current state of Israeli wine

by  |  10-04-2014

Following are my general impressions of how the Israeli wine industry sits currently. Note that this is based solely upon my week spent there at the invitation of Kinetis which covered the history, middle of the country, north of the country, and a bit of the south. This hardly makes for a complete picture, but there were many markers that were similar to other places that I’ve visited which in turn provided for a greater base of extrapolation or more colloquially, assumptions. Please note that if you feel I’ve made an ass out of you, me, and possibly your country, let me know below in the comments. Drink More Everywhere we went we heard that the general per capita consumption was about 4-7L a year. That’s nothing. While I’m at the edge of the extreme (the French always push the envelope in this), I think I drink that in a […]
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