The Xarel·lo grape. Or is it Xarello, Xarel.lo, or Xarel-lo?

by  |  25-06-2018

For those who may not know it, Xarel·lo is a wonderful white grape that, as far as we know, is native to the Penedès region of Catalunya. Able to give an upright, structured backbone as well as great acidity to both Cava and still wines alike, for some time, I’ve been a rather huge proponent of it and think there’s a huge future for the grape. While it can be prone to oxidation–much like Grenache–when made properly, Cavas such as Recaredo’s Turó d’Mota or still wines by AT Roca or Enric Soler are stupendous. There’s even an annual event for it now called “La Cimera del Xarel·lo” which has happened the same day as this article being published. But… what the huh? There does however exist a problem in how to say the grape as well as how to write it. The first bit is the easier one as for […]
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