The state of Xarel·lo in Penedès

by  |  20-04-2020

Workhorse. Backbone. Structured. Aromatic. Evolving. These are but a few words one can put forth when talking about the grape, Xarel·lo and they’re all true–even if some people might say them with a curled lip that implies they’re more an insult than compliment. But, to stick to such descriptions would be the lazy, fly-by analysis given that my most recent tasting of more than 60 wines shows that Xarel·lo has developed a level of finesse and subtlety to rival most any of the so-called “international” varieties. There’s a lot going on in even the simplest glass of Xarel·lo and tremendous, bottomless complexity in the finest examples. What is an exact taste profile? A wide degree of flavors can be found and it’s hard to come up with just one answer here. It definitely leans towards orchard fruits such as apple and pear with citric notes generally understated if present at […]
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