The mega yacht wine cellar

by  |  06-11-2014

A couple of weeks ago, I happened to randomly meet a woman who manages the wine cellar on a mega yacht. The woman in question wished to remain anonymous and didn’t want to divulge who she worked for, but it was a very wealthy billionaire that was probably someone in this list. The conversation offered a glimpse in to a world that on all points awed, repulsed, and astounded me as given that I’m a writer and even the best paid of us aspire to some day own a home. For those unfamiliar with the “mega yacht” these are private boats bought by the super rich that start at 60 meters in length and go up from there. Bored with owning sports teams, small islands, and perhaps mini giraffes, the world’s super rich (ie the 1% of the 1%) started turning to these ginormous boats in the late 1990s to […]
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