The Crossover: Nomad Outland Whisky

by  |  14-08-2017

The Nomad Outland Whisky starts out life as a Scotch based on spirits from Speyside but is then shipped down to Jerez to age in used Sherry barrels in Andalusia instead of having the barrels shipped up to Scotland to age up there in the cold climes the Highlands. The result is a very different take on Scotch which some may welcome and others may not. This isn’t perhaps as novel as it may sound given that the French distillate, Chartreuse was actually made in Tarragona, Spain for nearly a century after the order of the monks was kicked out of their monastery and headed south. The French were largely unaware that their “pride of Voiron” from southeast of Lyon was made south of the border and are often incensed upon hearing it as most everyone agrees that the drink was actually much more lively and enticing when made on […]
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