The Bigness: Penfolds – Bin 28 Kalimna Shiraz 2012

by  |  16-07-2016

From time to time, I like to “taste outside of my box” which means searching out a bottle of something that isn’t a red Grenache or Carignan. I don’t always do so well in this, but I popped across this bottle of Penfolds the other day and thought, “Why not?” and that’s because if I drink Syrah, it’s usually from somewhere in Catalonia or Southern France. These two regions make a lovely expression of the grape and honestly, living in California, I got a touch tired of all the explosive versions of it from the Central Valley or what was then imported from Australia. Much has changed in recent years. For instance, Eastern Washington, especially in the Horse Heaven Hills, producers Syrah that rivals a great deal of what comes out of France and Australia has evolved as well with more than just the “Shiraaaaz” on offer these days from […]
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