Given Languedoc’s size and lack of truly finite appellations, it’s curious how many wineries will use various levels of classification to place their wines as they have the flexibility to do so. This is often done due to stylistic concepts, use of unapproved blends or varieties at the higher appellation, or in the case of Terrasses du Larzac (where all of these wineries sit), because white wines aren’t allowed under that appellation.

It’s an oft-found situation and one that, while found in Roussillon and Rhône to some extent, really finds quite heavy use in Languedoc. Thus these were all wines that are mentioned in the main Terrasses du Larzac report but obviously couldn’t be in the tasting report as they’re not under the appellation of that name. I place them here as they’re quite an important part of region, they’re quality and character was positively surprising and seem to only be growing in number.

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