Tasting the finest wines of València & Spain’s Levant

by  |  04-01-2019

This past New Year’s Eve found me in València, hired on as the “wine expert” for a group that had flown down for the UK to say goodbye to 2018 and take on the mantle of 2019. As I’d not spent proper time in the city, it was also an opportunity for me to explore a chunk of Spain that’s known well to beach goers from Madrid but not so much for those of us who live in Catalunya. València is an Autonomous Region in Spain that, when looking at the map makes it appear Spain wanted to create its own mini, eastern Portugal when creating borders. Long and slender, it doesn’t look like it could possibly hold all that much but the truth is far from that. Yes, there are plenty of beaches along the coast but from there, the landscape rises quite rapidly to 600m and well beyond. […]
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